We are a company dedicated to entertaining holidays (parties) since 1988, through the years looking for the real intentions it was as well as in 1995, we found the specialty taking the vision towards the holidays wedding parties. Since then re-arose “Karibbean” the most exclusive Rolling Discotheque, in Weddings with the intention of making the people happy, we created the Wedding Band and Karibbean Band the biggest tropical organization of Central America, versatile orchestras with live musicians to continue with the same principles and values that base that in Karibbean we specialize in doing the Best Parties of Guatemala.
In God for being a fundamental part of what we are.
We believe that each of our activities is governed by the fulfillment of values and ethical principles.
We believe in the fulfillment of the responsibilities and limits that mark our activities.
We believe in Guatemala that through our purposes we will take the happiness to our clients. Due to the constant growth, needs of technical support, solutions for corporate events, Karibbean expands to fulfill KARIBBEAN PRODUCTIONS with the purpose of offering to our clients technical solutions in audio, video, lighting and multimedia for corporate events