We have initiated our operations with the mission to improve the capacity, variety and equipments, with the purpose of which our clients could find in the same place all the necessary elements to improve the accomplishment of their events giving our technical solutions for Multimedia presentations and production..

With us you can find the solution to the technical support to realize:
- Awards
- Change of image
- Audio and lighting for exhibitions
- Political Forums
- Managerial Forums
- Press conferences
- Inaugurations
- Seminars and conferences
- Cultural
- Festivals
- Closing sale
- Launch of Products
- Scenery
- Jazz bands
- Logistics of the Montage
- Technical Support in Audiovisual and Multimedia
- Production of Musical events
- Cocktails


2 SUPPORT AUDIO, VIDEO AND LIGHTING We Possess equipments and professional Technicians to offer you Our Technical support:
- AUDIO: Consoles of 34 channels, processes for sound, microphonia, digital tape recorders, horns, etc.
- VIDEO: Switcher, Chambers 3ccd, Intercom, Monitors, Presenter and Digital Climber, system Multi-screens, video projectors, recording DVD, System for control of Multimedia presentations, Production of scenery with Multiple system of video.

LIGHTING: Consoles and dimmer, Lamps pro-couple, Lekos, Mobile Heads, Seekers of Theatre, special effects: Smoke, bubbles, confetti, snow.

ELECTRICAL PLANTS: a very important factor, inside the accomplishment of events and spectacles it is the reliable electrical supply, providing uninterrupted distribution of electric power to the equipment. We possess generators of 85kva, and 60kva his head office of load for major safety and correct functioning of the equipments.